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This is a very cool app. It's free and does a really good job mixing music on the fly + Spotify integration = awesome! A Mac / Web version would be superb
Sam Doshi
Co Founder @ Relayo.com
@buchenherz agree - web based would be great.
Prava CoutureMetaphysicalTech fndr @gl1tchw1tch
How does this differ from pacemaker?
William Channer
Co-founder of Panda
Good idea.
Juergen Hoebarth
CEO Haexagon Concepts , Product Innovati
awesome microproduct
Evan KnightUX Designer @Google
Is this just for transitioning from one song to another? Or can you combine songs like this https://soundcloud.com/aturner18...?
Bent Stamnes
Real-time Graphics Enthusiast
@evannite It's "just" for transitioning. Though "just" is the wrong word, as that alone is extremely hard to do right. I tested Pyro for a little while now, and it's by far the piece of auto-mixing software I've tried that works the best. Granted, it can't do miracles (and for some reason it sometimes fail to mix tracks even in the same tempo and key), but it's still very impressive. "Just" transitioning between songs is super-hard. :)
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