Compare website traffic vs SEO changes done at the same time

SEOTrack automatically tracks and compares all your SEO changes with your website traffic to help you understand exactly how much of an impact your SEO changes have on your website traffic.

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Hello Hunters! I've built SEOTrack to help businesses better understand how their SEO is directly impacting their organic traffic. SEOTrack basically compares your website's traffic with SEO changes done around the same. For example, let’s say you are looking at your Google Analytics for the past year and you noticed that your traffic has started dropping gradually for the last few months. You can then use SEOTrack to check all the on-page SEO changes, the backlinks built/removed, Google Algo changes, SEO annotations that were made during this time. Viewing the SEO changes made in the past, along with the SEO errors can be a lifesaver and is a great way to understand the root cause - to find out exactly why your traffic and rankings have changed. The best way to get familiar with the product is to test SEOTrack today. But if I had to write down the the top 3 benefits, it would be : 1. Allowing you to compare your website traffic with SEO changes done around the same time. 2. Error monitoring where you get notified if anything goes wrong with the SEO for your website 3. And I've also made it easier for digital marketing agencies to track all their websites from one place. For example, the main dashboard for agencies shows all their client website's SEO changes and SEO errors in one place. Think of it like the one-stop-shop to quickly see what's happening across all your websites. Look forward to you using SEOTrack. Thanks! Arjun
Should have picked a better name.
@amitava82 @gijo_varghese Oops! Thanks for the feedback. This also happened when I shared it with my first few testing users a few weeks back.. They went to the wrong website. What do you think of SEOTrack as the name instead?
Good idea! I'd suggest you shorten and summarize the texts in the landing page.
@arjunrajkumar love this idea although is there a way to automate the tracking of changes to (1) save time/effort and (2) catch SEO-related changes that were indirectly made?
@rrhoover All the SEO changes are automatically tracked.. In parallel also tests if any errors crop up because of changes made on purpose (by the SEO team) or by mistake (e.g when a developer updates the server and the non-www/www breaks, the error pops up)..
@arjunrajkumar very cool! This might be worth checking out, @DeVladinci.
How is backlink count accuracy and which service you are using to count backlink ?
@mimta10 Tested all the popular services including search console.. SEMRush/Ahrefs etc - But lots of noise when looking at changes in daily backlinks count - so doing this monthly as it gives a better signal.
@arjunrajkumar , how does the app count backlink?