Check SEO issues and get the results in a white-label report

SEO Audit Tool and website crawler for SEO Performance Improving with How-to-Fix tips and competitor comparison.

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Hello, Hunters! I'm Co-Founder of Seomator, and I'm glad to have it at PH today! STUNNING, MODERN LOOKING SEO AUDITS DELIVERED FAST TO YOUR CUSTOMERS Our audit includes 13 different reports and covers all On-page and Off-page SEO aspects. We know how important is to look professional and cutting edge when you close a sale of technology-stuffed services. Our designer's team spent months to find the best possible layout for the reports. A bunch of A/B tests had been made with agency's potential clients. That is why we are happy to represent brand new, updated, white-label/embedded audit report. CREATE YOUR REPORTS AND ANALYTICS AS YOU NEED THEM We even have the same data and analytics for every URL represented at the single page reports. However, sometimes you may want to dig deeper by yourself, which could be done easily with API and CSV Export available for every spreadsheet we provide. FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE RESULTS AND SALES AUTOMATION Set up your branding for white-label reports and deliver them directly to your customers, saving hours of annoying work. Implement our embeddable SEO widget into the company website to automate and increase your sales. Sample PDF report - Seomator's Sales Automation - Bulk Audits Processing - ProductHunt Give-Away Madness - $0 audits for the rest of the week, just sign up and choose $0 Pay As You Go.
Seomator is a great lead capture tool and you can customize forms and more. I know Seomator more than a year and i'd like to say agencies should use this tool.
@metehan777 thanks for mentioning that! In September we extended lead generating tool with bulk processing so that agencies can act proactively in their sales:
@eugene_vakhteev waow, i didn't see that video! Seomator will grow day by day :)
@metehan777 Thanks for the feedback!
We are using for all our audits pretty awesome tool and reasonably priced!
@stelios Thanks for the feedback!
Still asks for PayPal even though price is 0
@hadifarnoud Yes, it is, but we will not charge any PayPal or CC unless you subscribe to our plans.
@eugene_vakhteev still going to put some people off.