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#2 Product of the DayJune 21, 2019
A handy little browser extension to access your favorite SEO tools and searches directly.
It's deeplinks into the searches and checks - saving you copying the current URL around every time.
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Hey ProductHunt 😺️ I've built another little extension. Again, to solve my own problem - this time while learning more SEO. The SEO Tool Extension: A handy little extension to access SEO-related searches and services quicker. Price: Free 😍️ Available for: - Chrome: - Firefox: A big, big thank you to Treesukondh ( for pushing me to make it a little nicer and preparing the graphics for the extension πŸ™οΈ Peter
Thanks for making this free! :) Any plans for future monetization? If not, you could think about open sourcing it. @spekulatius1984
Hey Ruben, thanks for checking it out! No, there aren't any real plans for making money from it at this point. Let's see if it catches on and I might continue adding new cool features and building on top. Generally, I don't think I need to earn money with it tho. @dense_design Peter
I've rolled out two new versions by now - both with minor fixes to make it even better 😍️

Would love to be able to integrate one or two charts via an API to make this extension into a small SEO dashboard. :)


Quick access to relevant pages without cluttering the browser favorites πŸ”¨


Can't hide the links that I'm not interested in.

Thank you for trying it out Ruben!
The dashboard is a neat idea. Might come back to this later. What data would you show?

Really simple and straightforward. Would definitely recommend!


Free and easy to use.


None so far.

Thank you for checking it out Joseph!
This is soo simple yet helpful. Great job Peter πŸ‘
Thank you Csaba
Let me know if you find any issues or got questions! @csaba_kissi
The best growth hacking tool of the day ! Thank you and congratulation !
Yay, thank you so much Anne!
I'm here if you got any questions or thoughts you like to share! @anne_charlotte_lazou