SEO Prompts sends out daily strategic SEO tasks to your email, each taking under 15 min. The goal is to take the headache out of SEO for frugal (yet serious!) website owners. It is an affordable solution for implementing SEO strategy yourself without expecting you to become an expert. In other words, SEO Prompts acts as your SEO project manager!

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Maker of the product here, wanted to give a brief introduction: SEO Prompts sends out daily strategic SEO tasks to your email. I've barely kicked off this project and am already getting amazing feedback: "Excellent step-by-step guide to dipping your toe into the SEO 'pool'. Easily walks users through some of the more difficult to comprehend aspects of getting your SEO footprint started. Excellent for the COMPLETE novice!" – David Daniel My whole goal with SEO Prompts is to take the headache out of SEO for frugal yet serious website owners. That means offering an affordable solution for implementing SEO as a do-it-yourself project, without expecting you to become an SEO expert or do a bunch of research upfront. SEO Prompts acts as a bit of a project manager for your SEO efforts. How to get started: #SEOTechPrep is a free two-week trial where you'll learn to set up Google Analytics, create webmaster tools accounts, set up a sitemap, and make submissions to Google and Bing. No payment information required, this trial completely free! Give it a try and let me know what you think. This is my first time submitting to Product Hunt, please support with an upvote! 😉
@annedorko1 excited to try this out! As a SEO newbie who finds this stuff overwhelming to start learning, the 'project manager for your SEO efforts' angle really resonated with me 🙂
@john_amadeo Awesome!! Really glad to hear this. Someone else told me this morning "It's like I have an SEO BOSS forcing me to spend 10 minutes putting things together." -- so you're definitely not alone in this regard!! Also, I am open to your feedback so I can make this the perfect project manager/boss for your SEO efforts, making sure you are equipped with exactly what you need to get the job done. 😃 So take advantage of being an early adopter and always feel free to hit me up with ways I can make it better for you. Thanks for commenting, this is so encouraging 😊
What a great idea - added to my curations to share with people - do let me know if you launch a referral programme as I will be adding you to my resources for students on digital marketing programmes who are new to SEO
@krishnade Thank you! I'm so glad you find this a helpful resource for your students. I'll definitely keep you in mind going forward. Everything is just getting set up from a technical perspective but I'm definitely considering how to set up a proper referral program. Keep an eye out for it 😊 I'll likely announce it on the Facebook and Twitter pages!!
Is it for beginners only?
@the8020guy Hi Jonathan! Since everything is broken down into 15 minute tasks, it is highly applicable for beginners because it's hard to do anything overly complex in that short of a time. However, the key to this product is that it helps you turn SEO into a habit by allowing you stop planning/preparing for SEO and skip right to implementation in a few short minutes every day. You can always dedicate a more time or expand on each task whenever you please. I've had good feedback even from those who are more experienced, because it's a good trigger to say "I have to at least complete THIS MUCH effort towards SEO today." That's useful for beginners and more knowledgable professionals alike!
I'm a total noob when it comes to SEO, but it will be such an important growth channel for us once we launch, so I really look forward to be part of this! I'll send feedback along the way 🙌🏻
@aurorakb Hi Aurora! Thanks for dropping by – you are exactly the kind of person I'm hoping to help with this product. SEO always seems to be super time intensive, overly confusing, or seriously expensive. My vision is to make this a solid solution for creative makers like yourself get use SEO as a growth channel without breaking the budget (because time is money, too!).
This sounds like a fresh approach to SEO. Signed up for a free trial for the SEO Marathon plan. Thanks for the share!
@olga_gabdulkhakova Awesome!! Yes, I definitely hadn't seen anything like this available and I really needed it for myself... they say to scratch your own itch, right? 😊 Glad to have you on board. Don't hesitate to contact me with any other questions you have!
@annedorko1 Thanks - I'm looking forward to the emails with the SEO tasks now.