SEO Minion

Chrome extension & Firefox add-on to help you with SEO

SEO Minion analyzes your On-Page SEO, highlights and checks all links, checks Hreflang tags and compares the SERPs using a location simulator.
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Hey Product Hunt SEO Minion arose from the hundreds of feature requests from Keywords Everywhere users to make doing SEO a little more fun. Right now, we have seven useful features and hope to add many more as we continue building on this extension. 1. Analyze On-Page SEO - quickly check the title, description, headings, open-graph tags for a page 2. Highlight & Check links - highlight and check all internal/external follow/no-follow links on the page. Great to find redirects and broken links 3. Hreflang Checker - check your Hrelfang tags for international SEO 4. SERP Preview - real-time SERP preview. Change title, description and other attributes and view how your SERP looks in real-time 5. Search location simulator - run a non-personalized Google search for two different locations/languages and compare the two SERPs side by side 6. Page indexability & crawl-ability - view issues for pages that cannot be crawled or indexed by Google. 7. Highlight Google's pre-render tag - highlight websites that rank with authority for a keyword. We'd love to get some feedback and are happy to discuss any new feature you want us to implement. - Akash & Dmitry
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Sounds extremely helpful for non SEO masters. I will give it a download and try it out this week!
using SEO minion for a while There's nothing I love more than good high quality SEO tools
Major. I already love using KE, because it's so efficient for such a lite product, but this new extension just ups the game in so many ways. This new one just improves even further what's already great by including features you'd normally have to pay for in other SEO tools. Not to mention that the crawling feature is really nice for auditing and editing. People don't realize how many countless hours it takes to make sure that the URLs are good.