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Save your website from flat-lining with automated reports.

#5 Product of the DayNovember 28, 2019
Save your website from flat-lining with automated reports.
There's now a better way to scan every page of your website and check your on-page SEO in minutes.
A simple, smart, quick & proven way to boost your website SEO performance.
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We are just out of beta and launching officially today, with a Black Friday deal of course. Welcome any feedback, good or bad!
@c_southam How do you compare to Ahrefs and how are you for small local business?
@ryan_hemenway We're concentrating purely on the on-page SEO aspect. Considerably cheaper than Ahrefs!
I see you guys are offering a lifetime deal. What else does your tool do besides on page seo? why use your tool when there are countless others? what's your future plans?
@newaz_chowdhury On page SEO at the moment only, although considering adding accessibility reporting too.
Tell me more about this Black Friday deal of yours!
@logan_lamb Everything you need to know is on the website :)
i'm getting a 500 error when i try to create an account
@mdavep We had a brief outage yesterday, everything is working now.