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Learn SEO: An on-page SEO tutorial

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Huge thanks to @marygreenim for submitting! This has been a labor of love / my passion project over the last year. A huge learning experience. Rather than tell you what this book is about, I will tell you how it is different than other SEO books: this book doesn't just focus on the "obvious"on-page SEO stuff. I go deep into server optimization, schema markup, and much more. There are so many guides that only go over surface level stuff, this goes way deeper. Check out the link above and you can find the Amazon order pages for the paperback version, and the Kindle version. Any questions, I'll be here all day!
@patrickcoombe @marygreenim I've learned more from this book than I did in 80% of my college classes. πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°
@luizcent @marygreenim thanks Luiz I really appreciate that!
Admittedly, I haven't made my way cover to cover, but the dozen or so pages I have read are just as expected. Patrick you are a consummate professional, and I've always admired your technical skills that go way beyond the understanding of most of us typical SEOs. A true full stack marketer. Eager to dive back in when time allows : )
@adamgsteele thanks Adam, I really appreciate that thatreally means a lot! Also it is definitely the type of book you can skip around, etc. I almost titled it as a "workbook" but meh.
Cool, i already get one!