SEO Audit

A simple, beautiful SEO audit tool that tells all you need

SEO tool will audit your website thoroughly and tells you what need to be fixed on your website to improve the search engine rankings.

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Hello Everyone, I'm happy to launch the new SEO Audit tool from MaaxMarket (All-in-One marketing automation software). We're the first company introduce the SEO audit tool in marketing automation platform. This is very simple but powerful SEO audit tool that helps every marketer to solve their first level problem in digital marketing. Just enter your website address and be relax. The tool will audit your website thoroughly and tells what you need to fix to improve the search engine ranks. # Analyze the website # Identify the problem # Fix the problem I'm happy to receive your suggestions and feedbacks.
@sktgthill what a great idea. I remember having to do all of this manually about 10 years ago at work. I know a lot of media/web development agencies who would benefit!
@diemkay Thanks a trillion. Let me know if something I can work with agencies. Sent DM. Thanks again.
Looks like you've got a little bit of traffic out PH - my suggestion to you is that with so many free SEO tools who provide free trials and free services altogether - you shouldn't make the free trial based on name+email exchange... Just remove it, let people try it and from there let them sign up. If they enter to access the free tool, they're not subscribing so you can't email them - may not want you to contact them. But if they try it and then give you their email, well a follow-up email is likely way better received. With that said I love the innovative approach to a now commonly offered product. Great job! I'll definitely try it in the near future.
@humberto_valle Thank you for the suggestions. It makes sense. However as SEO works along with other modules within the platform, hopefully it will be helpful for marketers to get the complete package with proper one time account setup. But I seriously respect your suggestion and keep that in mind. Looking forward to connect with you soon. Thanks again.
@humberto_valle @sktgthill agree with this, the whole registration process is a bit of a hassle and includes several emails. Any progress other than "SEO audit is in progress" would be helpful too, are we looking at minutes, hours, days?
@sktgthill Thank you! Yes, I mean my thought was that I wanted to go straight into checking out - my experience was --> seeing it on the feed & knowing it was something I wanted to check out myself --> coming here, seeing the convos --> clicking the Get It --> went straight to Try it now button --> but didn't want to read or watch anything more, as a professional who uses these types of tools (marketing funnels, seo, etc) I didnt personally wanted to go into the hassle of creating a profile when i've been burnt by tools before. That's why the biggest providers give you free acess, make you love it, then ask for the sign up and or payment. it was just my opinion, but I will check it out further once I get a chane to take my time to look into it :) - we are all obviously still looking for that one good tool! lol
Thanks @humberto_valle fir your note. I'll try to give an option for people to try the product at first before signing up. That's really a good idea. Btw, I'm waiting for you to try the product and hear the feedback. Thanks again.
Hey @ayrton, I missed your comment here :( Ah, did you get several emails? It should be two only. Account activation and Welcome Email. That's all. If you have received any other email apart from mentioned above then I should check our email workflow. And as the traffic was too high from PH, the SEO audit process took longer time than expected. After the launch, we have made tons of optimization and also upgraded our server to next higher configurations. Hopefully, your audit report should be ready in your account. Also, I'm trying to give you the audit estimation time soon. Thanks for your feedback.
Haven't had a chance to take a look at the site yet, but I was wondering before I do, what separates this service from the many other automatic SEO checkers already available online?
@domainoji All SEO checkers in online are great to audit the landing page. Though it is an another SEO checker, we will find and audit all the pages in your domain automatically and give information on what needs to be fixed on each and every page with more information. And also you will be altered if your SEO rank goes down for any reason. Rank evolution chart will help to watch your SEO rank in online. Again, it's simple but helpful to move ahead few steps in your SEO. I love to hear if you have any feedback to improve it. Thanks.
Hello Everyone, I'm happy to meet everyone again after 10 days from the launch. With our own tool, we ran the SEO audit for our own website ( and the tool identified and report back the potential issues on our website. After we have fixed all the issues on our website with our dev team, we are excited today after seeing the SEO rank. I have uploaded the result for everyone here,
The page gives no information on pricing. When you click on pricing in the menu it seems to refer to a completely different tool. Very confused and unable to see how this differentiates itself from the hundreds of more established SEO audit tools on the market.
@dannyrichman SEO Audit is one of the tools included with Marketing Automation software, MaaxMarket. Nothing need to install on your website. You can signup for a free trial and play around with SEO tool. Signup here, If you have any feedback or suggestions to improve it, please let me know. I love to hear from you.
@sktgthill How would anyone arriving on this page know that this is just one part of your marketing automation software and not a stand-alone tool?