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#2 Product of the DaySeptember 27, 2019
Keep your SEO ball rolling whenever you have some time on hand.
📈Check your keywords rankings, and scan your website for critical mistakes.
✅Add your website to popular listings, and find some SEO best practices to follow.
📱Available on iOS and Android
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Hey Product Hunters! The SE Ranking team has recently launched the mobile app 🚀, and as the company’s Marketing Team Lead, I’m excited to share some insights with you guys. SE Ranking is an all-in-one web platform that can help you with all sorts of SEO tasks. It’s great for SEO heavy-lifting, but sometimes all you need is to quickly check if your rankings are okay. That’s why we created the mobile app — it gives you instant access to all of the essentials. Now, it only takes two taps to see your website rankings, and it’s as easy as checking the weather forecast. The Rank Tracker tool is something every website owner can make use of. Whether you do your SEO all by yourself or you have an in-house/outsourced SEO expert, you want to keep an eye on your rankings. Besides, you can find the website’s Visibility score in the app and check if things are going well at a glance. If the score is growing, it means that your most important keywords now enjoy better rankings. Visibility score is something I myself check on a daily basis 🙂 In addition, 4 more tools made it to the app. They will come in handy for both SEO and marketing specialists. Website Audit will help you keep your website error-free. Once you scan a website, you’ll get a detailed report with all the issues on your website that need to be fixed. Marketing Plan will guide you on your way to better rankings. We’ve gathered all the SEO and marketing best practices that will help you optimize your website step by step. Business Listings will give you more online exposure. Add your site to popular online listings, directories, and catalogs to spread the word about your business and get some backlinks. Keyword Suggestions tool will help you find new keywords for your projects. You can analyze your competitors to draw some keyword ideas or enter any keyword and get related search queries. We plan on adding more tools to the app, but for now, SE Ranking web platform will help you with all the advanced SEO tasks. You can use both the mobile app and the web platform under a single account. Head to our website to explore what SE Ranking has to offer. Or download the app and try it out for yourself. 🎁And here’s our special offer for all Product Hunters. Over the next 14 days, you can purchase SE Ranking’s Optimum 250 subscription plan in the app and get a 25% discount. The discount will apply automatically. Also, until the 3rd of October, you can get 25% off one of the advanced subscription plans on our website. To redeem your discount, use the PRODUCTHUNT25 promo code at checkout. Waiting for your feedback and questions. We’ll be here all day long to chat with you.
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What other features/tools would you like us to include in the SE Ranking mobile app?
SEO/PPC Competitor Research
Backlink Checker
On-Page SEO Checker
Backlink Monitoring
Page Changes Monitoring
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@maria_kazakova1 when your new and just getting into web development, SEO, CMS etc. the on page seo checker is great. I’ve done a lot of trials like semrush, seoibility, reportharder, Authority labs, and prob a few more. I came right back to SE ranking. Best all in one service and having a quality seo app in the market now says a lot about this company’s future.
Love it! I've been using the web platform for over a year. Great to see that it's now possible to easily track SEO results on mobile
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Хызы чё это, но проголосовал))
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What did you say? I cant understand, but you god damn right!
Thanks a lot for your support!