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I originally started with the idea to compare the historical performance of different robo-advisors such as Betterment and Wealthfront ( but after talking to friends and family I realized that most were not even ready to begin investing money because they were dealing with debt or didn't know where to begin at all. The current iteration of the product is a checklist that helps people learn how to manage their money by teaching the basics of budgeting, managing credit and investing. It's almost like a mini personal finance course. In the future I want to add notifications like "you should make your IRA contribution for 2017" or "you are paying too much rent" or "you should use a traditional IRA since your income is too high for a roth". Would love to hear any feedback!
@microdesignn the product hunt icon a green box with an S written in white; they use different fonts. you can see the full Senzu logo on their website and if you compare the logos on the two websites, they look nothing alike.
@_jacksmith Yes, of course they are totality different :D
Have you thought about working with @hellodigit? They need a management arm badly, and your target market seems to be similar.
@nassaraf what do you mean be management arm?
@matthui They algorythmically collect neglectful amounts of money from a user's bank account to force a user to save money, but they have no way for users to manage bill payments, or any analytics to suggest what users should do in order to adjust how they save money. Senzu manages how people spend and save. It'd be a logical partnership. The founder's name is Ethan if you want an intro.