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Every startup has curiosity of knowing what's happening in the startup world, in terms of fundings, acquisitions and general trends. Following all such news from different sources is cumbersome and plus there is too much #startup, #growthhack spam on Twitter. Hence we built SentiSum, which brings trending startup stories from across the globe, sourced from Twitter. Users can save further time by reading just the Summary (Beta). Before releasing it to general public, we want to get feedback from the PH community, so that we can improve the User Experience, content and add other useful features.
Love the idea and would be a daily user if you had an iPhone or web app. Do you have plans to release either soon?
@maxwellfinn Thanks for the feedback! We are testing our iOS app as we speak, should be released in the wild in the next couple weeks. I'll make sure to keep you upto date.
The product in its current form has evolved into a consumer sentiment analysis tool?