Automated Keyword Opportunity and Intelligence Tool

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I've had the pleasure of knowing Nick for years. He is an expert in the SEO field. His new tool is amazing! A must have!
Can't wait to give it a go Nick! Congrats : )
@adamgsteele Thanks Adam - let me know if you need any help getting set up. We're happy to get your TermExplorer export together for you and get your matrix built so so you can focus on getting to the data.
Just gave it a try! I absolutely love the interface,.
@heytherejake That's awesome feedback - thanks Jake!
Fantastic tool idea and really excited to start using it!
@patrickcoombe Awesome Patrick, if you're not set up on TermExplorer to grab your data don't hesitate to reach out and I'll get you taken care of.
Big fan of all things @nick_eubanks. Great work!