Mobile First, Swipe and Emoji based feedback

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Hi Aditya Ahluwalia this side; me @aadi193 , Himanshu @top_secret30 and Dheeraj @dhee2121 created Sentiments @sentiments_me , world’s simplest feedback tool. 1. You can use Sentiments to create feedback your customers/users will love to give 2. It is Mobile first and promises an excellent experience while building and giving feedback 3. It is in the form of Emojis (for ratings) and Swipes (for yes/no), with images for visual cues 4. You can add unlimited questions and get unlimited responses, Completely free PS - it supports GIFs also The insights behind Sentiments were @ The favourite medium of content consumption today is Facebook @ Content comes in cards and the ones which have the right visual cues gets consumed the most @ The favourite means of expression today are Swiping (for Yes/No) @ And Emojis :) :( :D :P have become the favourite medium of expression So why should taking feedback be so boring and text heavy ?? Sentiments is really easy to use and use case agnostic. We have listed some sample Sentiment pages here 1. Food Delivery (Restaurants) feedback - 2. Fun with Friends - 3. Market Surveys - Check out all the different examples here and know the full story behind Sentiments - We are building in some really exciting features which will allow you to smartly engage with your users “post feedback” in “real time” Sentiments is still in beta and we would like to know from all of you, what more do you expect from it. We would love any suggestion which you feel, can help you capture feedback and engage with your customers better. If you want to write about Sentiments, partner with us or talk to us in detail, please get in touch at or
@aadi193 @top_secret30 @dhee2121 @sentiments_me @aditya_diky @diky @sentiments Hey there this is great product, do u have plan for embeed the feedbacks in a website with a code?
@faraujoj yes we are planning that in the future releases. Currently we wanted to test the MVP version of this tool thus only the link sharing version
@aadi193 other day we were discussing, here it's live. Crazy and useful stuff. Recommending it to my CRM team.
@aamiraarfi It would be awesome if we can get BMS as a client :)
Hi , we want PEOPLE to forget "not giving feedbacks" coz of their "boring , dull and time consuming nature" thus making it easier for MAKERS to improve on their products and services according to consumer needs.. HOPE YOU LIKE THIS EASY AND FUN WAY OF GIVING AND RECIEVING FEEDBACKS
Jus tried it, i have no idea if i swiped yes or no!! There should be 2 slides that tell you .. Here swipe left to say no and swipt right. ....
@_pascalandy Yes we missed on that one... will be getting it done :)
@_pascalandy We just implemented the "No" and "Yes" on Left and Right Swipe, while you are giving feedback. So now there will be no confusion as to what you want to communicate.
I really liked the idea behind Sentiments! It is quite easy and intuitive. My favorite part is the support for gifs. With this, we can easily get actionable feedback from our users. Great work, Sentiments team!
@ankur10 Thank you for the feedback
Awesome. How does this compare to
@leif 1. It supports Images and Gifs 2. It is completely mobile responsive for both giving a survey and building one. It literally takes 2 minutes 3. It also gives Emoji style feedback for 1 to 5 ratings and measuring emotions post experience 4. This is just the MVP (we are building a host of other cool features) and would love to know what you think can be avaluable addition
@aadi193 Awesome. Thanks for the response.