A sentiment analysis API for customer surveys

Sentigrade measures Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores, Net Promotor Scores (NPS), or Raving Fan Index (RFI) scores. It quickly allows you to score each incoming communication to guide your response prioritization respectful to the sentiment of the customer.
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The idea behind Sentigrade was formulated from a Rezenent Inc. client that was collecting Raving Fan Index (RFI) scores of their clients. The surveys had three questions: (1) Provide a grade 0-10 on how well the service was provided, (2) What was the reason for giving that grade?, and (3) What were any improvements that could be made?. During some regression analysis of the data, it was found that some survey respondents were too generous with their grading with respect to the reason for providing that grade. For example: "We have had a terrible experience. Communication has been horrible and very inaccurate. We have had to communicate with four different people. I think that there are way too many cooks in the kitchen. Several of our change orders were incorrect and if we had not reviewed progress and caught it ourselves the wrong things would have been installed. You really need to work on communication, and someone needs to take ownership instead of passing it off to someone else. We are sadly not excited about our product and it's all due to bad communication that caused a lot of stress for us and several items not being completed from our requirements document. We have purchased your services several times before with very good results. This is not what we expected from you." The person who left this comment provided a grade of 5 out of 10. That review doesn't sound like a neutral 5. If you copy and paste the text into the Sentigrade main page and press the 'Get Score!' button, you'll see that Sentigrade more realistically grades the comment a 0 out of 10. Sentigrade can be used as a replacement grading system, or it can be used in conjunction with your grading system. Studying the difference between the provided grade and Sentigrade score can help provide prioritization to your comment response. Thank you for taking the time to review my project. Please check us out!
Gaurabh MathureCo-founder, Head of Product at Tydy
Hey @chrisnjones - Looking forward to seeing your fully baked product. Question: When you release it, how do you expect other platforms to use your work? And do you plan to charge for it - if yes, what kind of pricing do you expect to have?
Hi @gaurabhmathure, thanks for asking about Sentigrade! It is released now -- everyone is on a free plan, and I expect to release paid plans by the end of May. I am still experimenting with the pricing plans with customers in the onboarding funnel. I primarily expect developers to use the API to feed their text statements to and receive a response back with the sentiment grade. Sentigrade could be in interesting addition to TyDy as you onboard, execute annual reviews, and exit interview employees.
One month in and amazed. My admin dashboard tonight shows 11 signups, nearly 1,700 web requests (from people trying the analyzer out) and almost 16,000 API calls for scoring text with our Sentiment Analyzer for the past 30 days. SEO is starting to pick up, too, with a third of my traffic coming from Bing or Google. That's going to make me hold back on AdWords and other paid advertising for a little while longer. Stunned and psyched at just the 30 day metrics for my first solo product. Cheers!