Stylish wearable which converts voice memos into text

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Kadiska Deigratia
@kadiskad · The Butterfly Project
I'm a writer. I would LOVE something like this if it could hold at least 3 pages single-spaced. I FANTASIZE about something like this, voice activated. It drives me CRAZY to have a great idea or an entire conversation written in my head, but by the time I pick up my phone, find the program (all of which suck, so far, including ios and Dragon) most of the … See more
Dan Rosenshain
@danr_4 · I try to be honest
why would I need another device just for this function? I already have a phone in my pocket, which I also need to use to listen and read the notes. I find it hard to believe the niche of "when you are too busy to take your phone out of your pocket and find an app" is enough to make this a sustainable product. I have a widget on my Android home screen and it … See more
@tahatayyab · Discover360 →Search Engine for Instagram
Too small a niche
Scott Ruona
@scottruona · Marketing Analyst
Reminds me of Kapture.
Helen Crozier
@helencrozier · technology coach
Still waiting for myle tap to be shipped - similar device. Hope I haven't lost interest if/when it finally arrives. Attraction for me was to be able to go on walks without my phone (shock horror) but be able to send ideas to Evernote as they happen. Agree it is very niche but there is a slight trend towards not constantly having a smartphone with you. Myle T… See more