Stylish wearable which converts voice memos into text

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I'm a writer. I would LOVE something like this if it could hold at least 3 pages single-spaced. I FANTASIZE about something like this, voice activated. It drives me CRAZY to have a great idea or an entire conversation written in my head, but by the time I pick up my phone, find the program (all of which suck, so far, including ios and Dragon) most of the thoughts are gone. Also, I get some of my best ideas while scrubbing floors, washing dishes, and ironing, and it would be simply fantastic to be able to write while doing chores.
@kadiskad Thanks! the house-keeping scenarios are great use cases. One thing I'd like to ask - your problem with existing apps is recognition quality or smth else?
why would I need another device just for this function? I already have a phone in my pocket, which I also need to use to listen and read the notes. I find it hard to believe the niche of "when you are too busy to take your phone out of your pocket and find an app" is enough to make this a sustainable product. I have a widget on my Android home screen and it takes me 1 second to start recording.
@danr_4 until two days ago, I would have wholeheartedly agreed. Then, I got a google Home unit. There is something incredibly compelling about a device that works with pure voice and does not need any physical interaction. By removing all friction from the interaction, it is more likely to happen. However, I do think the design is simply awful. It's way too large and I can't see any guy wearing what looks like a badly designed brooch.
@andreasduess Yeah, but the point here is that you don't need another device for that. I'd bet your iPhone/Android will do that in a year. Technically they can do it now but Apple/Google have to open this layer for developers.
@agilek 1 second is not a small amount of time. The only thing we can't replace is time. So anything that frees me for even a fraction of a second is more valuable than many functions of a gadget.
@danr_4 That's a valid point, the friction of wearing/charging a separate device is quite big and for some people is bigger than taking the phone out to take a random note. For some(like me) it isn't, as I take notes too often and have short attention spans. But there is also a less noticeable problem to solve, which isn't speed. It's Distractions. Most times you look at the phone you see more info(notifications, previous notes etc) , which triggers more associations and new thoughts. You often end up thinking of something else and forget where you started without noticing it. Speed also plays in here as you may get more distractions in that 1 second you mentioned. This is where frictionless experience pays off. And, there's other side of this - Senstone is a convenient platform for taking voice notes, and working with them as you do with text notes. Creating todos, reminders, hashtags and more with voice only is quite handy if done right. Yes, you don't need hardware for this, but such combination makes note-taking experience a whole lot better for specific groups of people.
@agilek I realize that. But the point is that using the phone creates friction. Using pure voice doesn't. The google home units in our house are in constant use. My wife uses them, my kids use them. They have replaced a sizeable chunk of screen time with quality time.
Too small a niche
@tahatayyab only if you look at this as a voice recorder. But it's more, it has the potential to be an OS.
Reminds me of Kapture.
Still waiting for myle tap to be shipped - similar device. Hope I haven't lost interest if/when it finally arrives. Attraction for me was to be able to go on walks without my phone (shock horror) but be able to send ideas to Evernote as they happen. Agree it is very niche but there is a slight trend towards not constantly having a smartphone with you. Myle Tap: Your wearable smart voice recorder via @ProductHunt
@helencrozier a much better product in a similar area. Love the integrations it has going.