Sensio Air

Predict and prevent your allergies and asthma

Sensio AIR is a mobile app that enables users to predict, prevent and manage their asthma and allergy symptoms. Through data collection, artificial intelligence and unique algorithms. Sensio AIR provides sufferers with tailored information and expert advice to help them keep their symptoms at bay. Sensio AIR is available on the App Store now!

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11 Reviews5.0/5

If you log your symptoms consistently, the app will tell you exactly what you are reacting to and how to avoid your triggers.


Useful for both allergic and health conscious people to understand the outdoor air quality


Not available for Android yet

Big plus. The app is not only useful but also can improve your health condition. It's something that really distinguish that kind of apps from other really-cool-productivity products.


- Can save someone's life

- 190 cities all over the world (not only in one specific region)


- Unavailable for Android

Hello Marek thank you for your feedback, we are working on an Android version we'll let you know as soon as it's out!
Amazingly accurate. The app helped me identify what my triggers are. Thank you for creating this.
@ipr1ncess Happy you're using the app Layal! always eager to get your feedback!
Super useful app, how do you change the city?
@shashwatpradhan simply slide left
My son being asthmatic, it is the perfect app to know more about air quality and improve his health condition. Easy to use. Love the graphics as well. Great work!
@serjiosig This is exactly why we created this app; we're very happy we could help!