Take more moonshots, generate unscripted business outcomes.

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Thanks for hunting us @_jacksmith! Sensei is a bot for work. Large companies tap into university research groups to take moonshots. But universities are hard to work with. Enter Sensei. It reduces a complex process to 3 API calls. Say an employee at a big box retailer knows that human exoskeletons can make stocking shelves easier. But the company hasn't budgeted for this yet. Working with a biomechanics group at (eg:) MIT Media Lab for free*, she validates the opportunity to her team, vets vendor proposals to generate an unscripted business outcome for her company. All she had to do was ping the bot. Her company is able to explore an endless number of possibilities faster than they would otherwise have been able to. This was how SenseiHub started, me trying to solve a problem for myself :) Because of the rate of development, the need to assemble high quality 'flash teams' is growing. We're trying to enable that. Thanks for stopping by, please ask questions! * Free for her because her company subscribes to SenseiHub and makes the bot available as a resource.
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a great tool for academic research! beautiful UI too!
@_jacksmith - Good hunt! @aditya_sydhakar - What kind of research projects are best suited for Sensei? What universities do you work with?
@npachisia @_jacksmith @aditya_sydhakar We call them 'unfunded projects'. These are early stage projects that a company hasn't budgeted for yet. So a user's motivation is to get the project funded through research, analysis and prototypes.
@npachisia Investigations can be in ANY topic. The engine's able to find and engage essentially any university research group in the US (We assemble research funding, patent and papers published data sets over the last decade. The newest funding data precedes Google Scholar by 5 years). Our users are mostly engineers and investors. Engineers at a beer company exploring RFID, at a car company exploring smart parking, at a retailer exploring AR, at a telecom company exploring 5G, etc. The list is endless. Try it at!
@aditya_sudhakar can you give me specific examples of how a small and big company can increase their innovation? Who's used it before?
@mananm sure. An example of a small company is a venture in the bay area that has worked with life science research groups to analyze cancer data. An example of a large company is a large German conglomerate that has worked with polymer groups to gather scientific consensus on human safety of certain plastics. Both these projects resulted in better products for those companies!
@mattjsilverman @sameep_sheth Thanks Matt! Do hit the Try it button -> and give us feedback!
@jainargh Thanks Akanshu! Give it a spin and leave me feedback :)