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aditya sudhakar
@aditya_sudhakar · I build SenseiHub, an expert adviser
Thanks for hunting us @_jacksmith! Sensei is a bot for work. Large companies tap into university research groups to take moonshots. But universities are hard to work with. Enter Sensei. It reduces a complex process to 3 API calls. Say an employee at a big box retailer knows that human exoskeletons can make stocking shelves easier. But the company hasn'… See more
Aerin Kim
@aerinykim · Co-Founder, BYOR
a great tool for academic research! beautiful UI too!
Matt Silverman
@mattjsilverman · Product & Design
Congrats @sameep_sheth @aditya_sudhakar 👍
nitin pachisia
@npachisia · Founding Partner, Unshackled
@_jacksmith - Good hunt! @aditya_sydhakar - What kind of research projects are best suited for Sensei? What universities do you work with?
Akanshu Argh Jain
@jainargh · Building @Neargroup !!
This is awesome! @aditya_sudhakar