Sense360 SDK

Add sensor-intelligence in apps with a few lines of code

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Hey everyone, I'm really excited to share the Sense360 SDK with the Product Hunt community. It enables developers to finally take advantage of all of the sensors on a phone without needing to learn all of the APIs, translate the raw sensor data, optimize for battery, or figure out how to safeguard consumer privacy. Here is how it works: with just a few lines of code you define the real-world events you care about, such as alert me when someone leaves a sporting event by car after having been there for 3 hours. We handle all of the complexity around figuring out how to detect that use case and notify you in real-time when any of your users perform the action you defined. You can then do all sorts of stuff - hit some API, store the event in your server, or trigger a notification. Our SDK works in the background even when your app is off and drains less than 5% battery per day. Why does any of this matter? Because any app can now easily use sensors to sense what their users are doing and automatically do all sorts of smart things like send your significant other a text message when you leave the office, order you an Uber when you land in the airport, or turn on the lights when you get home.Check out our website for more info.
Looks like a cool SDK. Congrats Eli and team for putting out!
@ajt Thanks Alex, really appreciate it!
Super excited for you guys! Great product, great team!
Thanks Aaron! Much appreciate it.