Sense with Voice

Sound machine, sleep monitor and smart alarm, now with voice

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Is there a software update for existing Sense users? I love mine, but I don't think I'd upgrade the hardware for this feature.
Gil Belford
Gil Belford@gilbelford
@gabek I'd love to know that as well. But I think that it might not be the case. From their support articles - it looks like it's a separate hardware piece. Would love it for the integration with Hue, etc.
@gabek update is live in the App Store for iOS. Looks like the new integrations like Hue and Nest require new hardware. Not happy about that...
Julian Lehr
Julian LehrHunter@lehrjulian · CMO @ 🍩
So Hello just launched an updated version of their Sense sleep tracker: Sense with Voice From the blog post: - "We’ve added powerful voice control" (set alarms, snooze, ...) - "New sensors for UV light, light-temperature, barometric pressure, potentially harmful CO2 levels and volatile organic compounds" - "Now connects with your other smart device" (Nest, Philips Hue Lights)
Mihnea Miculescu
Mihnea Miculescu@mihnea · Creative comms for The Tom Sawyer Effect
This looks amazing! Does it integrate with the Amazon Echo as well?
Adrian Knoll
Adrian Knoll@adrianknoll
when will the "Sense with Voice" be available for international shipping? (Germany)