Sense & Respond

The latest book from the authors of Lean UX

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This is a great, well-researched, well-grounded book on building a culture and practice of continuous corporate innovation.
@giffco thanks Giff.
Since Lean UX was published in 2013 Josh and I have heard and received lots of comments and feedback. The overarching theme for that feedback was this, "I want to work this way. My company and my boss won't let me work this way." We wrote Sense & Respond to help leaders and executives understand that (1) they are in the software business first and foremost and that (2) running a software based business is different. The goal is to convince managers that the tech that drives growth and scale in business can be leveraged to create a culture of continuous learning. It's that culture that enables organizational agility, innovation and continuous improvement -- the cultural elements that support the way of working we advocated for in Lean UX.
I'm super excited to dig into this. Their other book, Lean UX, really helped clarify my design process and career trajectory. I can't imagine working another way. Thanks Jeff and Josh!
I've read the pre-release version. It's a practical and useful guide to anyone interested in managing lean, agile, scrum, or design thinking teams.