Get your own personal Netflix curator through SMS

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Hey Product Hunt - quick briefer on why I created Sense. Long story short, I started Sense because I increasingly became concerned with how Netflix was handling the recommendation portion of their product. I wanted to make recommendations more human and ultimately more personal. I saw an ever-consuming reliance on data and computers that strayed away from what recommendations should be about. We're also focused on making movie recommendations a great experience, for a change. We want you to have to do the least amount of work while still getting picks that are a lot more relevant than what you're used to. We've put in well over 1000 hours of curation to make sure we give you the best picks. Over 85% of our users say that their picks are either 'spot-on' or 'good'. Just getting going.
Great idea! Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer looks up movie showtimes on the phone :)
@joelischka Thanks! Here's the Youtube for those wondering
Nice!! Going to use it tonight.
Really happy I had the chance to work on the landing page for this. Love the product too!
@_tomki The love is mutual :)
Cool service! Used it a handful of times to get awesome recommendations. What are your top 3 most underrated shows/documentaries on Netflix?
@ashishw203 Thanks Ashish! Three docs - The Imposter, which is pretty well rated but you'd be really surprised at how few people know about it. It's better to go into this not knowing anything. There are some points in the movie where you're questioning/second guessing everything, and then doing it all over again on your prior questioning; - Room 237 - Not rated highly on IMDB, but very intriguing stuff. Centers around different theories around The Shining, a movie that almost everyone finds interesting; - Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger - A good look at the crime boss with some looks at the trial;