Help anyone instantly, anywhere you are (pre-launch)

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^ Thank you for the love! We're excited to give you all access to Sensay soon. Sensay beta will be available to US mobile numbers first. If you're in another country, drop a note to and we'll let you know when we're rolling out in your community. We look forward to sharing Sensay with the world.
Love this concept, really cool UX and has a lot of potential, hope this product takes off! :)
@acondurache thank you for the comment Andrew. Launching into outer space soon!
Drop sign-up by phone. People are far less likely to sign up for a product and company they've never heard of with their personal phone number than they are with an email address. I even won't try it because I don't want to give you (or almost anybody) my phone number.
@benparr Can you give more evidence that this is a common belief? I, personally, don't mind, and don't know any of my peers who do either. It seems that phone numbers are becoming the new email for apps.
@benparr I agree. I'm from the UK which doesn't have the same format for phone numbers. Looks like a cool service but I can't sign up.
@MattAntWest hey Matt, send a note to and we'll hook you up when we roll out to the UK!
@benparr I agree with Ben. I won't sign up with a mobile phone number, but that's just me. I think it's a good idea to do email, or even twitter auth. Phone numbers, or direct contact, is valuable stuff. However, we are definitely not the majority.
@benparr I'm in agreement with others here, but at the same time... I went ahead and put my number in, wondering what you are going to send me. Maybe if you made a note about why the phone number is needed that would help (didn't know if I could use my Skype number or if it needed to be mobile). Plus, after I gave you my valuable phone number - you ask me to invite more clever people to get it earlier... a bit forward, I don't even know what it is yet, ha. ;)
(Unrelated, but not sure where to put it): I appreciate that you put "pre-launch" on here. Maybe Product Hunt should have a way to designate things as pre-launch before we click on them and see that they're just a box to drop an email into.
@kurt for now we just make sure to specify in the headline, but we'll have a better way to differentiate in the future :)
Stellar idea. What's better than using existing knowledge to help others and make a few bucks along the way? I have not been able to download the app yet but I was wondering what the mechanism is to identify what one knows and does not know? I feel like most people fail to take inventory of their experiences and knowledge which results in either under or overcompensating themselves for the knowledge and expertise they have. I noticed there seems to be something like a rating on the website illustration but would that just bias people to flooding those top "experts?" Excited to use this- cheers
@santoshsankar thanks for the feedback! Everyone is a sensay. Just check in what you know, then we do the rest. We make it super easy. Our secret sauce matches anyone who needs help with the right sensay. We're excited you're excited. See you soon! :)
@crystalrose I'd also love to know the answer to @santoshsanker's very astute question, "What is the mechanism for identifying what one knows and one does not know?" -- I could be offered advice from any ol' Jolly Roger other wise! :) Unfortunately I'm in the UK and can't access the app yet, but I look forward to doing so!
@darrenux Oh, that's all summed up in "secret sauce". :) As we are pre-launch we won't discuss the details of the mechanics quite yet, but trust we've come up with some good ways to maintain quality control on the system. I'd love to have you involved in the early rollout when we get to the UK. Please drop us a note.