1-Click Sendy Hosting on the Cloud

Sendybay takes away the pain from hosting Sendy. Your Sendy setup is ready as soon as you subscribe and we take care of all things technical behind the scene. For anything that goes wrong, you have our amazon support team always there for you.
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John Thedford
Love Martech. B2B SaaS.
Hosting Sendy is painful. You have to sign up for a hosting that you think will be powerful enough. Once that is done, you have to figure out setting up code, DB and cron. All of this doesn't help you in the real goal - sending cost effective campaigns. Hence we created SendyBay - a 1-click hosting for Sendy in the cloud Once you subscribe, your hosting is ready immediately without you worrying about anything technical - DB, cron etc. On top of it, you get world-class support who help you with Sendy and also email marketing tid-bits. Looking forward to feedback on the product and the idea.