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Sendy puts you in control of the emails you recieve and gets you paid for what you read. Earn points for opening emails and cash out for giftcards or crypto. Marketers can quickly grow an audience for their newsletters by rewarding new engaged subscribers.
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Love the idea of aligning users and publishers in the attention economy but a few questions: 1) Users can cash out points for things that have a set cost (this is different than in Brave). Since there is a fixed cost, you have to get the monetization from somewhere. What's your future plan here? Do you fund rewards from charging publishers or promotional ads etc? 2) There are some large publications on the site right now. Are they real users, or have you seeded your marketplace by adding them without their involvement? 3) Your privacy policy is a bit alarming, it gives you rights to collect things like passport details, financial details including account numbers and income, usernames and **passwords**, private keys for crypto wallets, etc. Some of these things may be used in financial due diligence for payout KYC/AML or for publishers or advertisers, but, the entire collection of PII is currently eligible to be shared with third-parties and used for advertising. Can you explain why you need rights to so much data, what its used for and how its protected? (And, are you willing to restructure your privacy policy, to be more segmented and conditional where certain personal information is exempt from marketing clauses?)
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Hey @adamscochran πŸ‘‹ 1) We did a private token sale about a year ago. Eventually Sendy points will be pegged to an exchange rate with the token and have a floating USD value once we launch them on an exchange. 2) Right now most of the bigger publications are seeded by us. We've been getting them new subscribers for about 1c each, so we eventually hope we can move them over to running their own listing. 3) You're right on this, that privacy policy was up for the token sale and its been an oversight by us to update it now that the product is up and running. We'll get the team on it. Thanks for pointing that out!
Sounds like a great idea, but having signed up and gone to the 'redeem' section, it appears that to achieve a $10 gift card, you need 20,000 'sendy points'. With the average open being worth 20 sendy points - that's 1,000 opens. Seems excessive, no?
@glittersignal Was wondering about this.
@glittersignal We're hoping as we grow there will be more competition and the price per open will increase. Most networks started with pretty low CPCs, facebook, twitter, adwords etc.
Thanks so much for hunting us @chrismessina ! After seeing the Brave Browser's novel way of rewarding people for their attention, we decided to build the same for email. The result is Sendy: Read the newsletters you love, get paid for opening them. As a subscriber you can unearth new newsletters, earn points for subscribing and engaging, then cashout for giftcards from leading retailers across the US. Building SmartrMail and Sendicate for the past 4 years we knew that publishers would be on board. Growing an email list is one the toughest challenges when you're just starting out. Sendy is a way to build an engaged list quickly and without forking out huge sums on paid ads. We're just starting out but so far the results have been fantastic. New publishers are seeing 100 new email signups per day, with a 50% open rate and 13% click rate. Subscribers don't get paid for clicks and its still 6x the industry average! If you want to earn some points, sign up today and start opening emails. If you have a newsletter, list it on us and we'll give you some free points to get started!
How have you guys flown under the radar for so long?!?!?
I think it would be a good idea to include some information about how many points you get per email read, and how many points it takes to earn a dollar. This is rather a crucial issue. I have found that if the pay for a task or the cost of an item are not specified, it's safe to assume that the pay is so low or the price so high that if such info were revealed, no one would look into the matter any further. Is this one of those cases? No mention of it even on your website - no 'contact us' link, either - just 'sign up'. Do I have to sign up to find out the pay? Will I find out the pay if I sign up?
@arlis_tyner just launched a month or so ago, but we're working on getting all this info up on some help docs :)