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@dshan Hey Derek, the commenter who said Sendy will get bad deliverability mistakenly thought that emails are sent through Amazon EC2 when emails are sent through 'SES' instead. I've cleared it up with him as you can see in my comments in the article. :)
This has been around a while but as a self-hosted solution, it can significantly reduce the cost of email compared to traditional ESP's like Mailchimp. Here's a review on TNW:
Also was already on PH.
@dshan - uh-oh, I'm getting rusty. Usually I catch these things but didn't see it was posted in early january here: It has received enough attention today and clearly people dig it (who weren't previously using Product Hunt this year) so I'll leave it up. FYI, longer term we'll find a way to resurface the best and most relevant products that were submitted a while ago.