SendX 2.0

Growth tools & marketing automation for non-marketers

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Excited and extremely happy to see SendX back on ProductHunt! I was already a fan of the simplicity of the interface and we instantly went premium with SendX. The team is amazing and always ready to help with useful tips. Excited to try the segment builder and the new email editor. Kudos team!
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Hey @jitesh_dugar thanks! Your feedback on the product right from day 1 has been really valuable :-). Has helped us immensely.
Hey @kwdinc thanks for hunting us down at PH :) . SendX is growth tools + marketing automation for non-marketers. @all Please ask me anything here. Would be happy to answer :-) Here is what all has changed/added since our last launch: 1). Landing Pages 2). Web Optin Forms 3). Widget with themes 4). Segmentation with segment builder 5). Completely new drip sequence builder with exclusion filters 6). Segment based automation 7). New powerful and easy-to-use email editor. 8). Ability to integrate with Amazon SES, SendGrid, MailGun.
@mayank25may @kwdinc @all Congratulations, you successfully decreased the number of steps in email collection to running campaigns!
This is Chetan, I am one of the co-founders of a company called Sportzify, which is a B2C service company in Bangalore, India around Sports & Fitness Activities. We were using Mailchimp for my email marketing, which essentially consisted of just email blasts to the email lists, that we had built over time, consisting of converted customers. We moved to SendX on a friend's recommendation. Here are the advantages of SendX. 1. Somehow our email open rate increased after using SendX. It increased to about 25% from about 5% on Mailchimp. 2. The option to link with my AWS account on SendX lowered the cost of sending emails for us. We were paying $50 for our emails without linking on SendX, and now after linking, its about $12 per month. Good enough savings for a growing company like us. 3. You get to have several growth hacking widgets out of the box like Pop-ups and Landing Pages at no extra cost, which do help in your first level of conversions to capture user interests. I am roughly adding about 100 customers per month to my database now which would have gone unattended otherwise (1% of my website hits per month). 4. Emails Automation and Drips are something that I am setting up now for my corporate clients to regularly keep in touch with them and stay up in their memory to use my services. Again this is a service that comes at no added cost and is something very interactive for the customers. I would recommend anyone, who starts off with a new product or service, to use SendX with its free plan which is much better as compared to any other service in the market of similar nature. It will save you a lot of money, along with tonnes of features to keep interacting with your customers. Kudos to SendX Team! Disclaimer: I also know one of the makers(Varun) personally.
@chetan1507 thanks Chetan for such a detailed and well written review. It will help a lot of startups decide for themselves whether SendX is the right fit for them or not. PS: As always constant feedback from Sportzify team has helped us improve the product :)
We have been using this tool for quite some time now. Excellent product. What we like about is the automation part (at an affordable price). We have been able to connect it with stripe via zappier and are able to move customer in different list based on their subscription time.
Hey @ankitdudhwewala thanks for the kind words :-)
We have been using Sendx for quite some time now, seamless experience so far. Product is well thought out keeping a keen eye on the needs of marketers!
Thanks, @pseudobanya :) I hope SendX is able to help you guys reach next level of marketing automation! Let's get it done.