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Sendwithus is a cloud-based communications template management system that helps organizations maximize the potential of email to engage customers, drive growth, and increase revenue. The easy-to-use visual editor, built-in device testing, and powerful API allow for cutting-edge email strategy and execution.

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Disclosure: I'm an investor in Sendwithus. The founders are great (@bvanvugt and @mrmch), and they've been very successful so far, building simple developer tools for a problem that most companies face. (I'm biased, but I think they'd make a cool AMA here, @rrhoover). I've enjoyed watching these guys grow from very early on, and it'll be interesting to see how they progress in the next year or so. The combination of B2B and going after developers (but also selling to the marketers, typically) has worked for a number of companies (think Stripe, Optimizely, etc.) but it's not an easy road. As you move up the stack (enterprise-wise and go after bigger companies) it leads to some interesting challenges.
Howdy! I'm one of the founders of, happy to answer questions if they come up (hit me on twitter @mrmch if you can't comment). We have a few war stories to share, and are big into doing things lean, which means a lot of testing :) thanks @byosko
Been using SendWithUs since early on, and definitely solves a problem on the transactional email side. Makes editing, A/B tests, and optimization of those emails easy and codeless. Matt, what's your user acquisition strategy?
@dshan we started with a strong partnership with @SendGrid, which sent us a steady stream of (unpaid) referrals from day 1. As we started growing, we added additional partners (Mailgun, MailChimp/Mandrill, soon Dyn) who did the same. Once we launched with Stripe, we saw a good jump in organic signups, especially around some of the blogging we were doing. All along we've been doing really targeted cold emailing -- if we are using a service and notice that the transactional/triggered emails could be better, we'd reach out. We've evolved to a point where organic signups is eclipsing both referrals and cold emails in volume, so we're putting an extra focus there (much much better blog content, releasing some really cool case studies). Looking to the future, Sendwithus has many natural partners that operate tangentially to transactional messaging; additional partnerships will create value for even more businesses, and additionally give us greater spread in our content. Something we're playing with now, SEO wise, we've been using targeted Slideshare presentations, combined with keyword-rich short Youtube videos (45s), adwords, and matching landing pages has been (ex: Drip campaigns for Mailgun). Results TBD. Apologies for length, you caught me in a type-y moment!