Email addresses that analyze the sender's marketing strategy

Instead of going to your inbox, emails sent to SendView addresses are parsed into dashboards of sender analytics. Use them to sign up for other companies' emails to gain deep insights into how they send.

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Hey Product Hunt, Gregg from SendView here. Excited to release this tool and, as always, appreciate the PH team and community for being such an incredible resource for evening/weekend makers like myself. So, a quick overview. The gist is that SendView generates special email addresses you can use when you sign up for competitors’ email newsletters, products, offers, etc.. But instead of going to your inbox, emails sent to these addresses are parsed into dashboards of insights about how, when, and what they send. As a marketer, I’d signed up dozens if not hundreds of email lists with the sole purpose of keeping an eye on their strategy and tactics. But after years of doing this I finally had to admit to myself that Gmail and Outlook simply weren’t designed to answer the questions I was asking. One day I was playing with an inbound parse API when the lightbulb went on and the rest is history. Happy to answer any questions. Appreciate you taking a look!
Any plans to host this on its own domain name?
@simonds Hey Mark, great question. Yes, fairly soon actually. When I build smaller tools I tend to build them on subdirectories instead of custom domains. SendView started as a simple tool but quickly blossomed into something more. Just haven't had a chance to move it to a better home yet.
Great tool. Using it to track competition campaigns.
Great job !! 😊 Wanting to have this feature of knowing why does the specific mail goes to spam or integration of some software or some tips or bot to scan the sending mails such as newsletter or campaigns from not going to spam
@ayush_chandra Thanks, Ayush! It's tough to tell exactly, but a spam score (which tries to predict the likelihood of that happening) is one of the reports available.
Very smart idea!