Sendtask for iOS

Free, powerful & simple to-do app for teams & partners

Sendtask is a free, simple and powerful task manager for teams and partners. It lets you track your work and collaborate with anyone in one place - even if they don't have an account.

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Exactly what we need for our distributed team!
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@deinnachbar Glad to hear, Timo!
Hey Product Hunters! Sendtask is now available for iOS! It's been less than a year since we launched Sendtask for the Web here and we're super grateful for your support! At first sight, Sendtask is a shared task manager like many others. But what makes us different is the ability to easily collaborate with your team, clients, and suppliers in one virtual workspace - even if they don't have an account. We're addressing the growing trend of relying on remote workers and freelancers, as well as co-creation with your users/ customers/ clients and suppliers. How are we able to do that? By creating a tool that's free, super easy to use, and works without a registration so no onboarding is required. If people don't want to add another app to their workflow, they can access and interact with a task directly from email and a special guest view. Why share tasks with anyone? Tracking, delegating, prioritizing - all of that is easier in a dedicated task app than via email or spreadsheets. Sendtask combines the power and efficiency of existing tools with the simplicity and ease of using email. We're looking forward to your thoughts and ready to answer any questions you may have! For team Sendtask, Cédric
I am not able to use the app. It is not sending the initial confirmation email. My email is correct and I’ve tried resetting the password. I am using email and password to join. I sent an email to support but received no response. Please help. Thank you.
@haitianwatcher Hi James, apologies for the inconvenience. Is it possible that the email went to your spam folder? I can see you are registered and your email address is in our database so everything should work fine. Please let me know if you are not able to find the confirmation and I will raise the issue with our development team. Thanks for trying out Sendtask!
Hi Yrifon, Thanks for the reply. I did look into a specific email client that I have and did find the email verification. That has never happened before. None the less, I was able to select it and it appears I am logged into the application. Thus far it looks very interesting and I am looking foreward to test driving it some more. Thus far it looks good. Best of luck on the applicatIon and thanks again for your help.
@haitianwatcher Thank you James, good to hear it's resolved!