Turn your blog articles into engaging social media campaigns

SendPilot helps bloggers and startups get more traffic to their blog and increase sales by turning blog articles into social media posts using AI. It also understands the topics of your articles and curates content from providers in the same industry! You go from zero to hero in 30 seconds! Never write a social media post for your blog again.

  • NigelGodfrey
    NigelGodfreyInsurance Weasel

    Really quick and easy to set up, saves time and money.


    None so far.

    I have several blogs, but don't really tweet that much now. Within a few minutes I was set up with a batch of tweet for the next few months. Magic.

    In fact I liked it so much I joined them :)

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  • Pros: 

    This has just replaced and Content Studio for me. This is simply amazing! If you don’t buy this you’ll have FOMO for sure.



    I love this product. Keeping your social media up to date and sharing on a schedule with relevant content can be a hassle. Curating content from others is okay but I like to use my own content. Sendpilot will go to your blogs and pull in the images, segment your posts for a year and push them to your channels on whatever schedule you want. Nothing else out there that does the job as good as Sendpilot. This is a must have for any agency or online marketer.

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