SendMyBookBot 2.0

Read or listen to your book directly from Telegram!

SendMyBookBot was created as an additional medium for reading books, in case if you spend a lot of time in Telegram. Besides reading, it now supports converting text of the book to audio, so you could consume it while commuting, running, or doing whatever your want!

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Arsen Losenko
Web Developer (JS/Python)
Hi! My name is Arsen, I am a recently graduated student, working as a web developer, implementing my ideas and trying to provide value to people! Here is an update of my side project, SendMyBookBot, now you can use it as your personal "audiobook maker", that will convert text of your book to audio! Currently this feature is only supported with text in English, I'll add other languages when needed. This bot is still considered as a work in progress, because I want to validate is this product worth the hustle, so any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, and have a good day!
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I think this is cool idea !
Hi Arsen! I love the idea and I really really want to use the bot. Can you please turn it on? Or if you decided to give it up, I understand that, but maybe you want to share the code on github at least? Hope to give it a try when it's on again. Thanks!