Send anything from computer to your iPhone with any network

A super neat to use for file transferring and downloading. It helps you to download anything from computer to your iPhone. Not only works in the LAN but also works with web browser. It can download anything such as movies, audios, photos and any other files.
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Love it, but what about data privacy?
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@arjunpar Thanks, We do not save anything, after push, the download link will be deleted, we will supply privacy detail on website.
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Does it scan the file(s)? Metadata? Stored on servers? Would like to learn more about the privacy implications of this tool.
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@hiramfromthechi We do not store anything, just push download link to your phone, we will supply privacy detail on website.
What's the difference between this app and AirDrop? 🤔
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@soychuck You can send download link to your phone not file. and you can send between different networks.
Seems very useful tool.thanks
@eightyeighteigh You are welcome! hope it helpful.
Would love to use this tool
@ryanstweeting Thanks, hope it helpful for you.