SendGrid Email Analytics by Keen IO is the fastest way to analyze the performance of your email campaigns and take action. Compare campaigns and tests and download a list of users who performed any action. Use downloaded lists to keep your lists clean and drive up email performance with better campaigns.

  • Michelle Wetzler
    Michelle WetzlerChief Data Scientist, Keen IO

    The new data model is amazing! Neatly organized into opens, bounces, etc. Now has geo data and other extras. It feels really empowering.


    While this tool requires no coding or programming, its for relatively data-savvy marketers and devs (which most are these days).

    I work at Keen. I know I'm biased, but I'm in love. We ourselves are users of SendGrid & Keen. I run our a lot of our marketing and I use our event data every day. This integration makes it extremely easy to run detailed analysis on specific emails clicks, opens, etc, down the user. And now I can run user funnels on it amongst other site data like pageviews, signups, etc.

    Michelle Wetzler has used this product for one week.
  • Ry Walker
    Ry WalkerCEO, Astronomer

    Love both Sendgrid and Keen IO, good to see them coming together to combine their super powers


    None so far

    Keen is a great data repository for event data.

    Ry Walker has used this product for one week.
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Kyle Wild
Kyle Wild@dorkitude · Cofounder & CEO, Keen IO
Co-founder & CEO of Keen IO here. It was amazing to watch our team & SendGrid's team work side-by-side on this app over the Summer, and we're really proud of the results! SendGrid is first and foremost a customer-driven company, and so are we. So it was a joy to collaborate with them on how to make something new and impactful for each others' customers. As the lines get blurred between marketing email and product/transactional email, we wanted to make something with both self-contained value and developer extensibility. We know that a lot of the PH community use transactional & marketing email to fit together the user's journey, so we very much look forward to your feedback!
Tony Blank
Tony Blank@thetonyblank · Developer Evangelist
Tony from SendGrid's Community Development team here. So excited to see this launch! Analyzing email engagement should be front of mind for any email sender. Love that Keen IO built this to let people start slicing and dicing their email segments without code. Super huge time saver. Looking forward to feedback - thanks!
Sara Falkoff
Sara FalkoffMaker@sarafalkoff · Front-End Developer, Keen IO
Sara from Keen IO’s engineering team here. I had a lot of fun working on this application with our team and SendGrid, and I’m excited to see it go live! I’m looking forward to hearing your experiences and feedback.
Nima Gardideh
Nima Gardideh@ngardideh · Co-Founder – Pearmill
This is great. I've had to build something like this for transactional email providers we've used in the past. Looking forward to seeing it grow into a great product.
Dan Kador
Dan Kador@dkador1
Hi! I'm one of the co-founders and CTO at Keen IO. Just wanted to chime in with how excited I am to see this launch. It's been a blast to work on this, and I'm confident it'll help solve some fun business problems for SendGrid customers. Our teams have worked really hard to bring a great product to light in a pretty short amount of time (4 weeks!). I'm looking forward to collecting feedback and iterating to continue making it even easier to understand precisely what's going on with your transactional and marketing e-mail. Much <3 to the SendGrid and Keen crews who brought this to life!
Ariel Jalali
Ariel JalaliHiring@arieljalali · Co-founder, Sensay | @sensay
@dkador1 this is awesome. Looking forward to more collaborations like this with other vendors who manage the increasingly nuanced channels in a single customer conversation