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@anujadhiya thanks for adding. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the product
@alaisterlow I think you answered a key question on the pricing page about people being able to migrate from services like Mailchimp. The question I have is - why did you decide to not make your free plan front and center? Would that not serve (just like it does for Mailchimp) to hook more people in for relatively little commitment and make it easier to move them to paid plans when they scale up?
@alaisterlow Any plans to add in other email gateways such as SendGrid, Mandrill, Mailjet, etc?
This looks like an alternative to which requires hosting. Great for those looking for cheap email sending on Amazon SES. Is it still the case that there is a sending limit of 10,000/24hrs and only at a rate of 5 emails per second with opening SES accounts?
@kalv Yeh OwlSend is an alternative to Sendy. They require installation and hosting and updating whenever new features are released. All you need to do with OwlSend is log in away you go. All new features are free for customers. The limit of 10,000/24 hours is still there however the SES limit can be increased by sending Amazon a simple email requesting to increase the limit. This is usually done within 24 hours.
Nice name.