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Chad Woodford
Chad WoodfordHunter@cjam · Lawyer, product manager
Hello Product Hunters! 👋 We’re excited to announce our first Slack bot! Although we at Senders think email is here to stay, our mission is to improve communication regardless of medium. So today, following closely on the heels of our new email bot, we’re excited to announce that we are bringing the power of Senders to Slack with our own @sendersbot! Once you connect the app, simply /invite @sendersbot to any #channel and it will display Senders Cards for all email addresses it finds there. You can also query the Senders knowledge base from any channel using the /senders command. This is pretty cool for sharing emails and personal context with Slack colleagues. But it really shines when @sendersbot is hanging out in a channel that’s also receiving email addresses via another Slack integration such as Email or MailClark, or even a custom Zapier integration. Adding @sendersbot to a channel makes that existing integration immediately more useful. For example, every time your #support channel receives snippets of user support emails, @sendersbot will display more information about that person from the Senders knowledge base. This is a huge time saver for anyone who interfaces directly or indirectly with customers, leads or clients in Slack. Knowing a little bit about people right away helps personalize and customize your communications, and brings you closer to those people. @sendersbot is a great way for you to receive the benefits of Senders outside of your email. It’s simple, easy, and powerful. And, once you see the power of having all this information at your fingertips, you’ll want to sign up to receive Senders Cards right in your emails too. @sendersbot is just the beginning. There’s so much we can do to make messaging smarter.