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Senders creates a sort of contact card within emails, including social networks, a short bio, photo, company address and other relevant info. Thus, performing searches on the person(s) within your emails can be easier, since Senders will fetch and catalog most of the publicly available information for you — all within the email correspondence. Tried it , Looks like a better alternative to Rapportive!
@_jacksmith Yea man. I have used it before . Have you tried Connect6
@kwdinc no, I haven't used connect6. do you prefer it? I find discoverly to be pretty awesome
@_jacksmith I love how connect6 helps me find the email id of any twitter profile. Doesn't seem to work these days though.
Hello Product Hunters! 👋 We’re so excited to share Senders with you. Senders is caller ID for your email—it gives you a short summary of people who are emailing you in a gorgeously formatted Card, right inside your email, on any client! It’s free and you can sign up with just one click. With Senders you can: - Save time and be better informed by getting public profiles on people right in your email - See detailed statistics about your email usage - View intelligent contact lists based on who emails you the most and who’s emailed you recently - Optionally remove privacy-invasive email trackers before you’re tracked Privacy and security by design: - We only display public, non-sensitive information — things the person has chosen to make public, like their LinkedIn and AngelList profiles, their Tweets, their blog posts. Basically, everything you’d find by searching for the person but without the embarrassing information. - We let anyone edit the information associated with the email addresses they own, and remove anything they don’t want included. Just claim your card and verify your email address from the website. - There’s no way to lookup email addresses you don’t already have. For many people, email addresses are private, and they should stay that way. Senders is not an email lookup service and never will be. - We never store copies of your email messages, or your password. Our software and servers are state-of-the-art, and all email traffic is encrypted from end to end. To learn more about our backstory read our launch announcement You can find us at: & We hope you enjoy using it as much as we have enjoyed making it! Florian (@florianseroussi) & Chad (@cjam)
I've been beta testing this for a bit and I love it. I'd been missing this kind of informations since Linkedin bought Rapportive. This is so much better because it's not even a plugin and I get it on all my mail clients.
@jonathanmoyal Thanks for the support Jonathan. We really wanted to build a tool easy to use on any device and cross platform.
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