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@doshkim tell us about Sendbird :)
@bentossell Hi Ben! Thank you for finding us! I'm one of the co-founders of SendBird. We used to develop social games and communities prior to this startup, and couldn't find a solution to easily build chat communities or messaging features for our app. So we've built the messaging SDK+backend from scratch to help developers like ourselves to save time and resources, so that developers can focus on making apps and games even more engaging. It's um.. 2:45am now, so I'll be back in the morning to answer any questions! & thanks again for hunting us! :) This is amazing!
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Awesome product! I would love to see it integrated with Swift.
@eeschimosu Good news is we're already on it! To support Swift is our top priority now. It should be released soon!
@markatsendbird When can we expect the Swift integration? Could you specify any timeframe? We would love to use Sendbird for messaging in our Swift app.
@sammyschuckert I am grateful to hear your voice. @jeongjin9 and I will discuss approximate timeline for Swift integration on tomorrow morning. thank you for interest and will revert back to you soon as we have something fixed
Thank you @eeschimosu @sammyschuckert for your interest in the Swift integration with SendBird. (@SwiftLang) We're happy to finally announce that we've updated our iOS SDK that is now fully compatible with Swift. please find the details at our blog:
@markatsendbird thank you! Faster than i expected – great work. 👌🏼
Wow, cool product to integrate with Apps to enhance and engage the community/customers !!
@dipaksaraf Yes exactly! Apps that use us range anywhere from music apps, dating apps, education apps, ecommerce apps, and even gaming apps!
@dipaksaraf Our recent study showed that apps that send in-app messages perform 2-3.5 times higher in terms of user retention than apps that do not. It's amazing! (
does sendbird have the ability to work without connectivity?
@bdesseyn @bdesseyn Hi Brannon! Thank you for asking. If you are mentioning about offline/cache support, I believe this is a crucial feature. Right now, the client-side cache is not yet provided by us, but it's on our short-term roadmap, so hopefully, you'll be hearing from us quite soon. Or do you mean something like over bluetooth/wifi?
@doshkim Thanks John! I was actually referring to a little of both. My line of work always has issues with connectivity at events, and a chat program that not online cache's but also could potentially work via Bluetooth (ie: FireChat), would be very interesting. Very cool product regardless!
@bdesseyn Thank you for the feedback. We'll get the first one (offline support/local cache) done first. We'll discuss with our team to see if we can support bluetooth/wifi/whatever local protocol available soon as well. This seems like a cool idea!
great product or you guys planning to bring the javascript SDK also as a module?
@navidmirzaie We're working hard to bring JavaScript modules such as Bower, NPM to the world by the end of this month or as early as possible in Feb!
@markatsendbird @navidmirzaie great to hear. Also as CommonJS? im asking it because we are planning to implement sendbird in our app, which currently is being developed in Appcelerator.
@navidmirzaie Thank you for asking Navid! We are getting some inbound inquiries about Appcelerator usage, so we'll discuss this with our team to put it on our roadmap soon.
@doshkim @navidmirzaie Great to hear that , looking forward to it. Goodluck with Sendbird