Send Your Mother a Letter

Compose and send mom a heartfelt letter this Mother's Day.

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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Services for startups
If I sent a card to my mother next week, I'd get a slap - Mothers Day was a month ago here in the UK 🙃
McBainMaker@grahammcbain · Evangelist, Galvanize
@bentossell but now if you send a follow up letter as a bonus, you'll be the best kid ever haha!
McBainMaker@grahammcbain · Evangelist, Galvanize
Thank you @markjsaldana for the Hunt! We are so excited to share this project with you all! We love our moms and aren’t satisfied with just sending them a card with “love, Graham” after the canned response. We built to help anyone—even the less eloquent among us—send a humble, heartfelt letter this Mothers Day. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know. I’m happy to answer questions and share why I’m so excited for this project.
Mark Saldaña
Mark SaldañaHunter@markjsaldana · Marketing
I worked with Graham (the founder) at my previous job. This is an awesome app and I love that he built it out of genuine love for his mom and expecting wife :). Definitely gonna use this to send something nice to my mom this Mother's Day.
Chris Buttenham
Chris Buttenham@chrisbuttenham
I need this! lol
McBainMaker@grahammcbain · Evangelist, Galvanize
@chrisbuttenham If you use it we'd love your feedback!
Chris Marin
Chris Marin@_chrismarin · Founder at Convertist
Good stuff. Would be nice if we could change the font or edit the sign off (I use "sincerely" for legal letters :)
McBainMaker@grahammcbain · Evangelist, Galvanize
@_chrismarin We've been hearing that thank you for the feedback. Sincerely, Graham R. McBain Esquire The third :)