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Send Anywhere is a user-friendly, secure and multi-platform file sharing service. Files are transferred securely because unlike cloud storage services, digital content of our users are sent via P2P by finding the optimal relay path. Unlike other online services, users are not required to sign-up nor log-in to use Send Anywhere. Thanks to this, users are able to enjoy Send Anywhere without the fear of being subject to personal information leakage. The cherry on top of the cake is the “unlimited” feature of Send Anywhere- users are able to send any kind of file of any size. The average mobile user has this perception that in order for an app to have the ‘secure’ feature, the software needs to require a whole bunch of steps to guarantee the safety net- in other words, people link secureness with complication to use. However, we believed that secureness could be compatible with easiness. With this notion on mind, Send Anywhere was created. Our vision is simple but ambitious: “All digital content transferred through Send Anywhere”
Curious to hear from the makers why they've decided to build for non-cloud sharing. Avant-garde or serving a shrinking audience?
@pieterpaul Hi Pieter! We focus on finding the optimal network path for every single file transfer. That's a primary background for our non-cloud based concept. :) Thanks for asking!
FYI, Send Anywhere is running an online hackathon (ends Aug 19th / $8K in prizes) on ChallengePost: http://send-anywhere.challengepo...
@nealrs Thank you Neal! Yes. We're running an online hackathon with our API. Our technology allows users to directly, securely and easily transfer files of any size, format and quantity from platforms to platforms without burdening the server or presetting a specific recipient. Check out what you guys can do with it!
Too bad you need to wait 10 seconds watching an ad for Sendy every single time!