Monthly tea plans and immersive instruction

Sencha makes top-quality tea accessible for everyone, offering immersive instructional apps for brewing the perfect cup, and delivering monthly tea plans sourced from a family that has been producing tea for over 300 years.
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Beautiful. Purposeful. Beautiful to use and inspiring!
Wow, what a gorgeous UX. What are some health benefits to Japanese green tea?
Hi @andre_agha - My favorite health benefit is tea’s inclusion of L-theanine. L-theanine is an amino acid that crosses the blood brain barrier, changing neurological function and facilitating relaxation by softening the sympathetic stress response (“fight or flight”). Basically, drinking tea makes us calm and focused. Tea is extremely rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and more, with matcha being perhaps the most antioxidant-rich food we consume due to the fact that the entire leaf is ingested. Tea is also known to boost the digestive system, aiding in weight loss and preventing myriad diseases. There’s one more that I think is really important: tea brings us into the present moment. It’s a sort of ritual that alleviates distraction and helps us wake up and be present. This is a little tougher to measure than the nutritional side, but I think it really matters. Both the Sencha + Matcha apps integrate with Apple’s Health app. Every time we drink tea with the apps, nutritional data and mindful minutes are automatically logged. :)
Hi Product Hunt Community! I wanted to be a customer of a company that did not exist. So I helped build it. I’ve been drinking tea and loving Japanese tea in particular for a decade, and I’ve always found the process unnecessarily difficult. Here’s how I struggled: 1. I didn’t know how to find quality tea. It took years to find brands committed to quality. 2. Once I found the right brands, I had to order from Japan, paying some $20-40 in shipping and waiting several weeks. 3. Brewing the tea properly is difficult - each tea demands a particular steeping temperature and steeping duration. Sencha has addressed all of those problems: we only source top-quality tea from experienced producers, and our iOS apps address every hurdle in the preparation process through in-depth instruction. While building Sencha, I’ve tested on myself extensively. The apps really work, and the tea is incredible. I have a wonderful tea routine that significantly improves my quality of life at a very low cost (I’m subscribed to Sencha Monthly for $24/month). One of the things I’m most excited about is using technology to shift consumer habits in healthy ways. I’m conscious about how I use technology, and I want others to benefit from the things I’m learning and the design principles I uncover. Sencha absolutely fits here. My hope is that Sencha helps others discover their own healthy, conscious lifestyle with tea – just as it has for me. Thanks PH community for the support! I’m at, my good friend and partner Gian is at, and we love feedback, enthusiasm, everything. Get in touch! Enjoy Sencha, and we look forward to hearing your questions, criticisms, and more! - Arthur
Hey Guys! Quick question, How does the steeping timer work?
Hi @robertlstt - Sencha’s steeping timer does two things: 1) Allows boiled water to cool to the ideal steep temperature 2) Ensures that tea is steeped for the perfect duration That first part – the cooling timer – doesn’t even need a thermometer. Using Newton’s Law of Cooling formula and the on-device barometric reading, we know exactly how long it takes for boiled water to cool down until it reaches exactly the right temperature for steeping. Next, the steeping timer ensures tea is never over-steeped nor burnt. Sencha incorporates beautiful, gentle bell sounds that ensure the tea drinker never misses a step. Japanese tea is tricky. They all require different steeping temperatures and steep durations. We’ve tested a lot (read: we drink a lot of tea!), and we’ve found what temperatures and durations match with each tea to product a perfect cup. All that is hidden under the steeping timer’s minimal interface – you just need to choose a tea, tap begin, and follow the instructions. :)
Hi Product Hunt community, So cool to see our apps and service up here! There’s one thing I wanted to add about the tea, as I think it’s a really exciting and important part of the story: We source Japanese matcha and loose-leaf tea from a family in Japan that has been producing tea for over 300 years and more than 14 generations. This tea is ridiculously good, and we make it affordable. Monthly tea plans are easy to begin, skip-a-month, or cancel. With a monthly tea plan, tea is always delivered fresh and always affordable. One-off, single orders are also available. Checkout in seconds using Apple Pay. We’re so excited to be making top-quality tea accessible. Get in touch if you have any questions!