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#5 Product of the DayDecember 16, 2015
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Hi Friends! Some of you (Designers) might have already heard about Semplice. Today we announce a new edition called Semplice Studio. With our Studio version we introduce a range of new features that are especially interesting for small studios or startups. For example: With our blocks feature you can simply click together a great looking layout within minutes. And our Mailchimp module now makes it easier to collect email addresses if you use Semplice to build a quick landing page for your product or startup. In general, most of the new features are driven by direct feedback we got from our community, so I appreciate all the feedback we can get on here to make it even better in the future! Please join the discussion, and if you're already a happy Semplice member, please also let me know (: Thanks! Tobias
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@schneidertobias is a boss. Love the design work. Semplice looks awesome. Something I am definitely adding to the toolkit in the near future.
@seanbolak Thank you so much Sean! <3
A thorough and extensive theme which unlike other customisable themes, is not overwhelming, making it a dream to use. The experience and visuals help to separate it from the pack of alternatives. Great work @schneidertobias.
@sean_rainey Thank you Sean! So glad you like it, I hope you will enjoy the new features and it will make it even more joyful to create with Semplice. I'm myself still addicted, so thats hopefully a good thing. (:
Beautiful. A friend of mine just finished building his personal site with Semplice. I may have to make the switch!
Won't be a user, but big compliments for the visual design. Great typography too!