Sematext Synthetics

Deliver better, more reliable, websites & APIs.

Sematext Synthetics allows you to collect information on the performance of critical business transactions, resources, load test information, and much more. Improve digital experiences & detect bugs before they impact your users.

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4 Reviews5.0/5
You might think I'm a tiny bit biased because my co-workers created this tool, or because I've been using it in Beta for the last few weeks. But trust me, this is legit one of the nicest and most useful monitoring tools I've ever used. And this is me being hyped! Coming from someone who has been battling with website performance and trying to hit >99% uptime for my own products in the past, Synthetics hits home just right. It's like having a performance audit running every minute making sure your systems are operational and running at optimal capacity. The opportunities are endless with what you can do with it. From running end-to-end tests for APIs, or UI tests for websites. You can even write freaking Puppeteer scripts! I love it, and I sure hope you give it a try. :)
Sematext Synthetics makes monitoring the availability of your website and APIs easy. Users are ever more active, so ensuring the best digital experience for them is key to keep them happy and coming back for more. Since 2008 Sematext has been focused on building affordable and useful developer tools. Today, Sematext offers an all-in-one solution for logs, metrics, user monitoring, and uptime monitoring on-premise and in the cloud.