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Hi Product Hunt! Thanks for hunting @kwdinc :) I got addicted to search engine marketing while working with Busbud, and I’ve been on the hunt for the best content and tools in SEM since. With so much SEM content being written by blogs or agencies for the sake of blogging, I found it frustrating to sort through all the clickbait to find quality content. SEM Stash is a project I created between semesters to aggregate the best articles, tools and resources for search engine marketers in the “stash” format that’s been so popular lately on PH. No clickbait allowed. SEM doesn’t get as much love as other channels on Product Hunt, so hopefully this will help more people get into it. Would love to receive any submissions as well!
SEM Stash is a collection of 100+ curated articles, tools and resources for search engine marketers.
@kwdinc This is indeed a good resource for any marketing professional. But, I feel the quantity of content could have been more. Great initiative though.
SEM being narrowed down such steep is gonna impact the digital marketing space,
This looks really useful. Thanks for putting it together :)