Makes marketing simple - Scan a barcode to start a promotion

Really proud of our team for launching this version of our platform this week!
@bruce_van_zyl LOVE THIS! Are you & the team hiring by chance?
@wwmld thanks for the feedback! Always looking for good people. Shoot an email to
@bruce_van_zyl Are you guys still in beta? It seems like I have to schedule a demo and wait for two days to check out this product.
@faisal_hassanx we're out of beta, but the onboard process is a little complex so we're onboarding new users in the form of a demo. I'm currently facilitating most of the demos to get immediate feedback -- so schedule one, I'd love to talk to more!
I pitched exactly the same business idea one and a half years ago. And I pitched it at two different incubation centers, a bunch of coders and marketers. I couldn't convince. Hallelujah! you guys have done it. I love this idea. Cheers!
@chetansaiya FYI we just launched a new feature for brands today on product hunt. Just search for Sellr Ad Network. Or go to Sellr Ad Network . com
Since I had a similar idea. I've more things to add in such a program.
Our team built Sellr specifically for retailers. We noticed that it wasn't natural for staff to work with products in front of a computer, so we moved the "scanning" element to a mobile device. Any store employee can sign in and update pricing, see reports, and add new products for promotion to digital signage, social networks, or to the store's website. The more simple the system, the more it will get used. We'd love to hear any feedback you guys have for us!
Is this meant for consumers or for a retailer or a brand? I tried to understand this at your website but was not sure.
@chetansaiya hi, good question. Sellr is primarily for the retailers to market their products. There are aspects that enhance the shopping experience for the consumers like a tablet that helps you select the right wine. We do work with the brands as well to verify product information in a similar way that Twitter has verified accounts. Schedule a demo -- I'd love to show you more!