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Please consider supporting the Podcast: My guest today is William Arruda, the founder of Reach Personal Branding. William started his career out as a marketing and branding manager. After reading the article, The Brand Called You, William began to consider making a branding company. William has a passion to help people find what their skill set is and what makes them good at it. On today’s episode William tells me how that article changed his way of thinking about business. The concept of personal branding is part of the “new mindset” of business. This mindset is slowly taking over the corporate and private sectors alike, but it took a while for William’s message to catch on. We discuss what it was like to have that hurdle and how he networked his way into a successful business. Some of the topics we covered today are: The “old mindset” vs. the “new mindset.” How The Brand Called You inspired William. How William was able to get noticed in a non-interested business culture. Why “the old way” is going away. What is a personal brand? Why you need a personal brand. The importance of a consistent image online and in person. Why listening is your most effective tool. William’s published book and the lessons he learned from it. Why you should be aware of your personal weaknesses. Resources Mentioned Today: Reach Personal Branding Ditch, Dare, Do Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand The Brand Called You If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, don’t forget to leave review in iTunes, I’d appreciate that. To listen to other Sell Personal episodes visit