Sellfy v3

E-commerce platform for creators

Sellfy v3 comes with new redesign, shop customization, shopping cart, Zapier integration and more.


  • Daniel YubiProduct Manager // Startup Evangelist

    UX and Target Market


    Subdomain - White Label - Multilingual

    I pay for Pro, I've seen how Sellfy has grown in the youtuber//influencer industry, I would like to understand their roadmap or vision in the long run, for many is really important to add Sellfy inside our own websites.

    Daniel Yubi has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Design oriented marketplace with high quality UX


    White label version is nice to have feature

    I know Maris Dagis personally and have followed how Sellfy has grown into business and how Maris is detail focused person.

    Ivars Indriks has used this product for one year.


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Maris DagisMaker@marisdagis · Founder @Sellfy
Hi there! We are very excited to launch Sellfy v3, a completely redesigned e-commerce platform for anyone who sells digital content. Besides visual and UX updates, we have added a ton of useful features to make our customers more profitable: - Store customization - Shopping cart - Facebook pixel - Zapier integration - Webhooks & more! Let me know if you have any feedback/questions!
Justas Markus@justasmarkus · Blogger
Interesting to see how you guys pivoted from an e-commerce tool to marketplace and now back to an e-commerce tool. What changed?
Maris DagisMaker@marisdagis · Founder @Sellfy
@justasmarkus pivot towards marketplace wasn't our greatest move as it changed our focus towards wrong things. You can read more about it here With Sellfy v3 we wanted to double-down on our core platform by adding features that directly impact each individual storeowner and make them more productive/profitable. These are just some of the first features we released but there is a long list of things we will add in upcoming months.
Tomas Jay@tomasjay ·
It's nice to see that you've released a new version but why should makers, such as me, choose Sellfy instead of dozens of other platforms?
Maris DagisMaker@marisdagis · Founder @Sellfy
@tomasjay great question! :) Here are some of the things to consider: - For as low as $9/mo you get your own customizable storefront - Can embed "buy now" buttons on any CMS you use. Also, sell with purchase links on all popular social media platforms - YouTube, SoundCloud, Dribbble. - Clean interface optimized for conversion selling digital goods; - Pricing that is suited both for beginners (stats with $9/mo + 5%transaction fee) and high volume sellers ($99/mo plan without transaction fees) - Now with Zapier/webhooks you can build any type of automation
Yuri BurchenyaMaker@yuriburchenya · Marketing at Sellfy
@tomasjay To add to the answer by @marisdagis. I think what sets us apart is: -) Instant payout. No monthly or biweekly payouts. -) We offer storefront AND checkout. This also means that you can sell digital products from your Sellfy store or embed and sell from your website. -) Really flexible product page. Most of other platforms have restrictions for length / size. With Sellfy, you can even create a long sales-letter type of landing page.
Tomas Jay@tomasjay ·
@marisdagis That’s a sweet list of features! Thanks
David Delahunty@delahuntagram · UI designer
Do you think you will ever add a multiple seller feature? I really want to start a design marketplace similar to where designers can sign up and sell there own design resources.
Maris DagisMaker@marisdagis · Founder @Sellfy
@delahuntagram we don't have any plans for such feature in the near future but I will note it down.
David Delahunty@delahuntagram · UI designer
@marisdagis I would sign up in a flash if you had it implemented :)
Maris DagisMaker@marisdagis · Founder @Sellfy
@delahuntagram Thanks, will take it as a compliment! :D Although it seems interesting, we have not considered to build it yet.
David Delahunty@delahuntagram · UI designer
@marisdagis I think there's a huge gap in the market for something like this. I know you can build it in WordPress but after you pay for all the plugins etc you would be looking at around $400-500. The reason I'm asking for this feature is I have a large following on Twitter & Instagram in the creative niche (1.5 million followers) and I think it would be a great way to monetize my audience. If you ever need a beta tester than please let me know :)
Maris DagisMaker@marisdagis · Founder @Sellfy
@delahuntagram could you drop me an email to maris at sellfy?
Igor Akulov@igoruphere · Founder of Picax
Congrats, @marisdagis! A little question on store customization - are you planning to offer themes and presets in future like Shopify?
Maris DagisMaker@marisdagis · Founder @Sellfy
@igoruphere yes, this is something we are considering to add. We'll start with presets
Daniel Yubi@danielyubi · Product Manager // Startup Evangelist