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Hi! I am Diego, co-founder of Sellf. We developed Sellf to be the RunKeeper for Business. Similar to the way in which Runkeeper helps runners monitor their runs and check how they’re progressing towards their goals, Sellf helps mainly micro-business and professionals to monitor their sales and their customer interactions keeping a close eye to how close they are from their business goals. It’s mobile first and designed-focused. I'd be super happy to answer any questions and listen to your feedback! ;)
@diegostream Any new updates planned? I recommended your app today to someone else, it's great!
@armyofnaveed Hi Naveed! Sure we're constantly releasing updates and refining or adding new features :) Next month we will release a big update with a new feature pushing even more on the sales gamification part :) looking fwd to know what you think!!
Team collaboration app on iOS.
I'm still on the trial of Sellf but so far it's fantastic. I've been using a variety of CRM apps, particularly Hubspot, for my small business, but this is by far the easiest, clearest and most user-friendly. It's like the best bits of Cushion and Hubspot, combined with a great interface that genuinely helps me to plan out my pipeline and is helping me to keep track of clients and tasks. It really does work like a fitness app and adds a gamification feel to customer management. Highly recommended.
@garrymacl thanks! I'd be super happy to know which feature you like he most and which one you'd instead like to be added in the future! Let us know!! Cheers
@diegostream does this app leverage mobile first to track outgoing/incoming calls made to clients on your phone?
@kashish_sharma yes, here is how it works right now: we track outgoing calls if you start them from within the app, while incoming calls can be tracked manually by adding a new log for an incoming call. Soon we're going to improve call tracking on Android leveraging platform features that allow us to track calls in background.