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#2 Product of the DayMarch 31, 2014
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Ryan O'Donnell
Ryan O'DonnellMaker@ryanworking · Founder, SellHack
Awesome list of companies to be a part of and great to see so many folks using SellHack. Drop a note to ryan-at-sellhack if you'd like early access to product enhancements. We eat our own dogfood here. Anything I can help with? Anything we could do better?
Philip Schweizer
Philip Schweizer@phswiss · CEO @ SalesWings
@ryanworking Looks dope, got an integration with Pipedrive? Btw we're also launching a LinkedIn tech today, lead scoring from LinkedIn messages. Tell us what you think, we want feedback!
Duane Kinsey
Duane KinseyHunterHiring@duanekinsey · Business Development, BuySellAds
I spend a lot of time cold pitching folks, and this looks like an invaluable tool. My prior process to uncover someone's email address involved guessing every possible combination in Gmail and letting Rapportive do the rest. I used Sell Hack a few times over the weekend and had a pretty good success rate (seems like there were some server issues last night however). Big time saver. Loads of potential.
@jongold@jongold · AI design tools
I can see the use case; as someone who gets enough recruiter spam as it is though I think this is a gross idea. *changes LinkedIn email*
Duane Kinsey
Duane KinseyHunterHiring@duanekinsey · Business Development, BuySellAds
@jongold Agreed it's a bit controversial, and if they are exploiting a loophole LinkedIn will probably close it up pretty fast. If someone wants to find you however, they will find you. Just remember guys -- don't shoot the messenger:)
Andy Keil
Andy Keil@alwaysunday · Product at Rodio
I'm always a fan of these "hacks." Makes my life significantly easier and I'm not a recruiter :)