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#5 Product of the DayApril 07, 2018

Selina is an emerging hospitality and travel network that combines beautiful accommodation, co-working, surfing, wellness, and adventure all in one great community. Find Selina in destinations all over Central and South America with new locations opening soon in the US and Europe – with a tech headquarters growing in Tel Aviv.

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95M for a f* wordpress site... Do not invest when u r drunk.
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@stevenjames Can we offer you a margarita to go with that salty attitude? Or are you worried you also might invest in a great company? ;)
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@stevenjames Its a custom made theme? wordpress is clearly used as the cms so non tech persons can update the content but I dont think its a copy and paste code website.
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@stevenjames you should make a twitter account: 72B for a f* taxi app... Do not invest when u r drunk or 31B for a f* rent site... Do not invest when u r drunk
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If Nomad List was VC backed πŸ€” cc @levelsio
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@levelsio @amrith agreeπŸ˜…
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Wow sitting in Selina Medellin on Product Hunt when I see - Selina. Very meta! Great hostel and co-working space, highly recommend if you are passing through Medellin COL!
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Up top πŸ™Œ Thanks for the great review - see you soon at Selina!
This is Awesome! Will check this deeper for our Caribbean project.
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I stayed at a Selina in Costa Rica, Bocas Del Toro, and Medellin. They are amazing and Selina is building a great brand in Central America. Excited to see them continue to grow!
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@fletchrichman You're making us blush! Thanks for the great feedback - we hope to see you in another Selina soon.
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